Welcome to the website dedicated to Alfred Döblin, a writer who has marked the German literature of the twentieth century, especially through his most famous novel Berlin Alexanderplatz.

Discover, through this site, his life, his works, as well as news about his books.

His life

August 10, 1878: Born in Stettin (Germany) Bruno Alfred Döblin. He is the fourth of five children of Max and Sophie Döblin. Max Döblin (1846 Posen-1921 Hamburg), tailor, who owns a clothing store and a great lover of music ... (more)

His Works

The literature of Alfred Döblin is one of the most significant in the early twentieth century and one of the most ignored. Not that he had not been recognized early by his peers. "Wang-lun", "Wallenstein", "Berge Meere und Giganten" made him famous in Germany and "Berlin Alexanderplatz" in the world well before 1933 ... (more)

Tributes and Reviews

In this section you will find texts of speeches, lectures, articles, to better know and understand Alfred Döblin and his works ... (more)