1945-1957: Return to France and Germany

End 1945 – Alfred and Erna Döblin leave New York October 8, 1945 on the ship “Argentina”. They arrive in Paris on October 16.
November 9 – Alfred Döblin moves first without Erna to Baden-Baden, residing at the pension Bischof on Römerplatz 2. Erna remains in Paris until early 1946 residing at Ernest Tonnelat’s apartment in Paris- 95 Bd Jourdan.
Alfred Döblin is reinstated in November as member of the “Preussische Akademie der Künste”.

1946 – September-publication by the editor Keppler of Der unsterbliche Mensch.
The magazine Das Goldene Tor founded by Döblin has its first issue published in October.
The manuscript of Hamlet is completed in October.
On October 20 begins a fortnightly radio intervention on the Südwestfunk: “Critique of the Times”, during which until 1952 he will speak on cultural and political themes.
In November publication by Karl Alber of Der Oberst und der Dichter.

1947 – From July 5 to 12, first return of Alfred Döblin to Berlin since his departure into   exile in 1933.
In February, Alfred and Erna move to Schwarzwaldstrasse 6, Baden-Baden.
Founds in October, the “Group of the Authors of South-West Germany”.

1948 – January – The editor P. Keppler publishes Heitere Magic.
In February second visit of Alfred and Erna to Berlin.
On the first of April, having attained the age limit at his position as “Chief of the Office of Letters” he retires without a pension. He will be allowed to remain as a non-military consultant for the Department of Public Education and in particular as director of the magazine Das Goldene Tor.
Karl Alber publishes Bürger und Soldaten in May, publication which had been delayed, with his agreement, by the French censorship
In August, ceremony in Baden-Baden at the occasion of his 70th birthday, chaired by General Koenig.

1949 – Appointed in France: “Officier des Palmes Académiques”.
Karl Alber publishes in February Heimkehr der Fronttruppen ).
In July takes an active part in the foundation of the Worms “Mainzer Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur, » of which he is named vice-president on October 15.
In October, transfer of the cultural services from Baden-Baden to Mainz.
Alfred and Erna move to Mainz, Philippschanze 14.
The book Die Schicksaslreise is published by Josef Knecht.

April 1950-Karl Alber publishes Karl und Rosa.
In early November, Alfred and Erna visit the grave of Wolfgang at Housseras.

1951 – April-Das Goldene Tor magazine ceases publication due to lack of sufficient funding.
October- Alfred Döblin receives as compensation the sum of 8,000,000 francs (of the time) for the completion of his contract with the National Education Services thanks to the intervention of Ambassador Francois-Poncet.

1952 – In February acquisition of an apartment on the 1st floor, 31 bd. de Grenelle in Paris.
In March receives the first payment of damages from the German government.
Heart attack in September requiring hospitalization at the hospital in Mainz.

1953 – Alfred Döblin having communicated his decision to the President Theodor Heuss to leave Germany once again, “I am in this country, the birthplace of my parents useless” , Alfred and Erna leave Mainz for Paris on April 29.
In May, Bertholt Brecht proposes unsuccessfully to Döblin to join him in East Berlin with academic responsibilities. This proposal will be renewed in September by the authorities of the Senate of West Berlin. New refusal by Döblin.
Ludwig Marcuse proposes on Sept. 4 Alfred Döblin for the Nobel Prize. Without success.

1954 – From March 31 to July 27 is hospitalized in Freiburg (Breisgau) due to the worsening of his Parkinson’s disease.

October 28- is named honorary member of the Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur in Mainz and receives the annual award of the Academy.

1955- March 24, the Akademie der Künste in West Berlin elects Alfred Döblin as corresponding member.
From May through August, hospitalization at the neurological clinic of Freiburg and in a sanatorium in the Black Forest.

1956 – From February 14 to March 17, new hospitalization in Freiburg and in a private clinic in Wieseneck in the Black Forest where he remains until May 1957.
In September- publication of Hamlet by the publisher Rütten und Loening.

1957 – In February new proposal by Ludwig Marcuse to award the Nobel Prize to Alfred Döblin.
The Academy of Mainz approves on April 25 a project of the complete edition of the works of Alfred Döblin.
Erna for financial reasons cannot maintain the contract of the nurse caring for Alfred Döblin at the clinic in Wieseneck. Thanks to the friendship of a former classmate from medical school practicing at the Landeskrankenhaus in Emmendingen, near Freiburg, he is hospitalized at this hospital on June 1 and this without expense. He will die at the hospital on June 26
June 29 – Burial in Housseras near his son Wolfgang in the mere presence of Erna and Stephan.
On September 15, suicide of Erna in Paris- 31 bd. Grenelle.
September 28 burial of Erna in Housseras.