His ancestors

August 10, 1878, birth in Stettin (Germany) of Bruno Alfred Döblin fourth of the five children of Max and Sophie Döblin.

It is worth recalling the origins of Max Döblin ( born in Poznan (Poland – 26/05/1846- died in Hambourg- 22/04/1921-) and Sophie Döblin, born Freudenheim (Samotuly -Pologne-23/03/1844- Berlin 21 /04/1920).

Max is the son of Simon Döblin and Rose Emilie Jessel both born in Poznan, where they owned a clothing store on the central square. They settled as tailors in Stettin in October 1855 with their two children Harriet born in 1843 and Magnus familiarly known as Max, born in 1846.

Sophie Döblin is the daughter of Simon Freudenheim and Ernestine Wronki both born at Samotuly , 40 kms from Poznan where they hold a modest hotel. Sophie’s brothers: Rudolph, Joseph and Leopold, settle around 1866 in Berlin, where they run a lumber business. Rudolph made fortune selling exotic wood and furniture.