English Translations

Works of Alfred Döblin translated into English.

– Die drei-Sprung of Wang-lun– translated by CDGodwin under the title “The Three Leeps of Wang-Lun” – Hong Kong, Chinese University Press.

– Berlin-Alexanderplatz translated by Eugene Jolas. New York, Viking Press.

– Pardon wird nicht gegeben, translated by Trevor and Phyllis Blewitt as “Men Without Merci”. – New York, Fertig.

– November 1918– second volume, VerrateneVolk translated by John E. Woods under the title “A People Betrayed”. New York, Fromm.

– Karl und Rosa translated by John E. Woods- New York, Fromm.

– Hamlet oder Die lange Nacht nimmt ein Ende translated by Robert and Rita Kimber under the title “Tales of a Long Night”. New York, Fromm.

– Schicksalreise translated by Edna Mc.Cown under the title “Destiny’s Journey”. New York, Paragon House

– Reise in Polen translated by Joachim Neugroschel under the title “Journey to Poland” -Paragon House Publishers, NY